Perfect Learner

The Perfect Learning System is the most successful speed reading and machine learning program for college students ever with over 100,000 satisfied users that have experienced increased school performance and career success!

Do you struggle to keep up with coursework or to study for tests?  Do you get easily frustrated and have a hard time focusing on reading, no matter how much time and effort you devote to your books?  The Perfect Learning System is designed specifically for college students who have the potential to thrive in school, but are held back because they can’t read effectively and efficiently.  If you are a C or D student longing to become an A and B student and wondering “How can I improve my reading speed?”, would you be willing to dedicate about 3 days and less than 9 hours of time to make this happen?

The Perfect Learning System is the closest thing to machine learning and it is the brainchild of Dr. Jay Polmar, a man who has dedicated over 33 years of his life to helping college students read faster and perform better.  In 1979, Dr. Polmar set out with a goal to create the perfect learning machine to help college students reach their maximum potential.  His premise was simple – if all students could read quickly and accurately, the overall performance at the college level would dramatically increase across the board.  Using natural psychological processes including altered states of consciousness, hypnosis, and stress-relaxing meditation, Dr. Polmar believed that any student could reach his or her maximum potential to read, study, complete school work, and succeed and tests and in life.

After his initial introduction of his Perfect Learning System in 1979, Dr. Polmar rewrote the course in 1983.  For more than a decade, he has taught his machine learning system as a 7.5 hour course of instruction.  The number of students directly impacted in school performance, career transition, and life success during Dr. Polmar’s career is over 8,000.

Having been directly connected to so many leaves and seeing how dramatically students school performance and career success were affected by his perfect learning machine, Dr. Polmar new he had to figure out a way to share this powerful learning tool with as many people as possible.  After leaving the classroom, he worked diligently to develop a product whereby any student that had dreams and ambitions to read better, learn better, and live better, could do so.

Today, the Perfect Learning System is available as a self-taught speed reading device.  You can easily train your self to read faster, retain better and produce more in just 3 days of 2 ½ hours of your time.  In fact, this powerful learning machine produces the best result from just this high impact, dedicated time.  Imagine changing your life in a dramatically better way with just 3 days of effort.  Dr. Polmar has seen the results and he is so confident that you will to that his learning machine has always, and will always, come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee – you will read and perform better, turning those B’s and C’s into A’s and B’s!

What is the Perfect Learning System?

The perfect learning system is a collection of eBooks and Audio Downloads.  The machine learning system has been consistently updated and modified as technology allows for different learning channels and student preferences.

With every order of the Perfecting Learning System, you get The Academic Success Master eBook Collection along with 12 Audio Programs That Soothingly Improve Reading Speed, Self Confidence, and Memory!

Recognized Benefits of the eBook Collection include:

  • Learn the secret to Switching Your Brain On.
  • Read significantly faster and retain more information.
  • Improve your short and long-term memory even when under pressure.
  • Change the way you study to save time and raise your grades.
  • Easily write essays and reports without the headache.
  • Get through school and move on to a high paying job.

With the 12 Audio Books, you will:

  • Basic Speed Reading – Improve reading techniques and reduce reading times.
  • Reading Comprehension – Deeply imprint data in your mind without effort.
  • Speed Reading Access Program – Make speed reading automatic.
  • Conditioning for Automatic Speed Reading – Read faster without even thinking about it.
  • Relaxation and Freedom from Stress – Reduce stress, fear, and depression caused by school.
  • Accelerated Learning Skill – Learn to turn your brain onto full capacity.
  • 3-In-One-Technique – Improve memory, concentration, and recall all at once.
  • Develop Self Confidence – Be confident of exams, papers, and your future.
  • Develop Self Power – Discover the great power and intelligence inside you.
  • Eliminate Negative Inner Dialog – Better your work and social interactions.
  • Memory Enhancement – Tune your memory so that you never miss a detail or a question.
  • Intuitive Development – Open your mind for better problem solving during tests.

While the goals of this perfect learning machine are focused on helping you thrive in the classroom, there are other great benefits that you can get from becoming a successful speed reader.  Additional benefits that relate to the software improving your overall online reading and comprehension when using the computer include that you will:

Read emails, web pages, eBooks, and research material much faster.

  • Remember of what you read online.
  • Write more effective emails, blogs, and online messages.
  • Become a generally more efficient, and better computer user.


Who else can benefit from the Perfect Learning System?

There are literally hundreds of millions of college students in the US and around the world who can potentially benefit from the dynamic power of this life changing speed reading, machine learning system.

There is also a family version of the Perfect Learning System that includes materials for young adolescents, teens, adults, and anyone who is college bound through the graduate school level.  This solution includes a book on the ethical use of the power of thought so you can see the true responsibility that comes from the educational power you gain from this learning machine.

Dr. Polmar has designed his learning machine in very simple English so that it can easily be understood.  High School students can benefit from this powerful tool in the same way that college students will.  He has also utilized the Perfect Learning System in instruction with ESL (English as a Second Language) students and the product is available in a Spanish/English bilingual version.

Buy Perfect Learning System and tap into the power of your mind!

The Perfect Learning System is available to you in three product options:

Option #1
You get the complete Master eBook Collection with 12 Audio programs to amplify your learning abilities, all downloadable, for $49.95

Option #2
Physical package – Master ebook Collection with Audio programs to amplify your learning abilities, shipped on several CDs worldwide … $69.95

Option #3
Physical package – Printed and CD Package, shipped worldwide ….. $99.95


We are so confident that you will experience the same success that over 100,000 satisfied users of the Perfect Learning System have, that we offer a full money back guarantee!  Try the learning system for 30 days as recommended.  If it doesn’t work for you, return it for your money back.